A new season calls for fresh ideas for all design lovers. Every year, with the advance of new trends in design, we see the most compelling in artistic collaborations as well as innovative takes on modern iconic design. 

This season, the colour blue seems to be one of the most prevalent motifs, whether it’s a luxurious velvet sofa in the most midnight of blues, or a bright take on old fashioned Willow patterns, geometric furnishings or elements of decorative textiles, the oceanic hue takes centre stage. Whatever the palette, Native Barn is continually inspired by the creative design world, and we are simply delighted to share a few of our favourites trends this season. 

Trend  1 - Avant Garde Tableware

Owning luxurious contemporary porcelain can also mean adding something to your collection that is not only functional but also doubles as art. This cutting-edge selection from Seletti is a new take on the artistry and traditions of English porcelain, a reconfiguration of fine art, invention and ideas of the antique and the new, a thematic that has particular resonance in the manufacturie of porcelains, reflecting on the complex relationships of models and influence. Undoubtedly avant garde tabletop design offers a view into creativity, bespoke objects and new approaches to curating space. 

Trend  2 -Natural Materials Paired with Traditional Craftsmanship

Gorgeous furnishings from Sika designs combine biomorphic forms with mid-century modernist simplicity and the antique beauty and grace of the bentwood chair tradition. Such natural materials require considerable talent and meticulous attention to create functional and beautiful furnishings. Sika’s handcrafted furniture is widely sought after by luxury design lovers and interior decorators, and suits almost any sort of interior. 

Trend  3 - Noir Hues with Brights

A dark palette continues to be a favourite among au courant designers today, although every season offers something new. La Chance’s dynamic designs include geometric shelving and sculptural tables, and an infusion of bright color. A cobalt blue rug creates a sense of daring and organic momentum in the space. Bold primary hues are beautifully offset with the use of metallic and stone tables, new takes on the traditions of mid-century modernist design and recalling the pairings of the iconic modernist sculptor Constantin Brancusi.

With a black architectural wall and the brightest of colors this room from Fritz Hansen is a perfect reflection of the trend in primary colors with artistic patterning and noir hues. Bold hues have made a strong return this season with eclectic geometries, decorative objects, textiles and furnishings in fascinating pairings of bright colour with monochrome, metal and even wood. 

Trend  4 -Scandinavian with a Twist 

Image courtesy of Bolia.

 Scandinavian decoration and furniture design is a perennial choice for many designers and homeowners. The magic of this tradition is its constant fluidity. Designers place an emphasis on technological innovation and love of quality materials. Clean lines, accents made of natural materials and an enduring commitment to fine design without sacrificing functionality means there is always something new on the horizon. As well, the Scandinavian aesthetic has this to recommend itself -the sleek beauty of these designs look good in any sort of space, whether a traditional Gustavian castle, a historic home, the most modern of flats or even more industrial style rooms. 

 Trend  5 -Sculptural Metallics and Silvered Glass

Blue again for the One to Three silvered glass stool by Sacha Walckhoff for Verreum Manufacture. Silvered glass is a popular modernist trend seen in furniture, lighting fixtures and of course table top items.

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 Whatever trend you choose, avant garde place settings and table top items, deep blues or inky black furnishings, new takes on Scandinavian style, the most opulent of metallic lighting and or decorative objects or even bespoke furniture handcrafted from natural materials, you will find that every piece is an work of art in itself, a design masterpiece, thoughtfully and artfully made, the real answer in luxury design. 

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